Benefits of a Crib Mattress Pad

Finding the best crib mattress pad doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here’s what you need to know…

Because babies and growing toddlers spend much of their time sleeping, it’s imperative to have a quality crib, crib mattress and bedding accessories—including crib mattress pads! Crib mattress pads provide an additional layer of quilted comfort and act as a mattress cover to help keep your baby mattress protected from leaky messes for lasting use. This will help ensure that your crib mattress will transition with ease to a clean, comfortable toddler mattress. Convenience, comfort and protection are just some of the many benefits of a crib mattress pad.

Sealy Total Stain Protection Fitted Crib Mattress Pad_ed009-qsxProtection

A crib mattress pad acts as a protector for your crib and toddler bed mattress. It mostly protects against leaky messes / accidents that happen in the night. With a crib mattress pad, you’ll have helped create a more sanitary sleeping surface for baby. Also, waterproof barriers and stain repellent quilted tops help in keeping stains and liquids off of the mattress.  


Easy-to-clean crib mattress pads are machine washable and dryer friendly for convenient clean-ups. Instead of cleaning and waiting for a crib mattress to dry after messes, a crib mattress pad can be quickly thrown in the wash so baby can get back to sleep more quickly. It’s also helpful to keep a second mattress pad on hand.


Quilted crib mattress pads provide an additional layer of cushioning and safe softness to help keep babies and toddlers comfortable throughout the night.


Many crib mattress pads are technology driven to provide baby with the latest in sleep innovation. Temperature-regulating fabrics can provide cooling comfort for your little one, while some crib mattress pads repel stains and odors for a cleaner, fresher sleeping surface for baby.

Natural Options

An organic cotton top is perfect for families who love a luxurious yet natural softness for baby. Natural crib mattress pad options can provide a plush sleeping surface with superior absorbency.

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